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Here is the branch with the gold and white ornaments. The white snowflakes were crafted by a friend years ago. They were crocheted and then stiffened probably with a product like Stiffy.

This year we again tried the Christmas branch idea for our tree. Our twisted willow lost several large limbs in the big Election day storm of November and I cut part of one and spray painted it white. Using mostly white and gold ornaments and some twinkle lights made it quite festive. I like it so much that after Christmas I may hang it on the wall and decorate it with birds. A neighbor had a branch suspended over her grand piano covered with birds and it was magical.

Each year I try to make a little gift for friends and family. This year I was inspired by the dolls created by Katie Kendrick in the Winter 2006 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I adapted the pattern by making it smaller and added photo transfer faces and beading. The face on one doll I kept for myself is a photo transfer of part of a photocollage by Maggie Taylor. I love her dreamy works of art. dollwruff1.jpg

I was encouraged to start a blog by my daughter who also helped suggest the name. It is akin to Ready Set Go, as Craft Art Jonee is my style of being inspired by an art or craft and jumping into creating the same. I posted a selection of my creations on my Flickr site. My ideas are usually sparked by ideas from favorite magazines like Cloth Paper Scissors, Quilting Arts, Somerset Studio, or sometimes by finding an item in my collection or at a store. The CD clock I made started when I found the clock works on sale at Michaels. Sometimes I like to rescue old items and give them new life. In the future I will post pictures of a footstool that became a little gametable, a childs mirror that became a larger decorated mirror and a plain shelf that holds my cd collection.