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I found a beautiful collection of Victorian trading cards at Miami University in Ohio. They used to hand out the cards with their business information on the back and a lovely picture on the front. It gives me an idea for my own cards. One card I found has a cat that looks just like Woody, a new addition living at our house. girlwcat.jpg

I recently did a painting after one of my favorite artists, David Forrester Wilson. He was a Scottish artist and the painting I adapted was called “The Wind”. It was owned at one time by Andy Warhol and now can be seen at The Carolyn Farb site. I used acrylic paints over a collaged base of tissue and rice paper for the birch trees. I photocopied my daughters faces and added them with gel medium. Jamie Wyeth also did a painting after “The Wind” when he wasn’t able to purchase the original. woolleygirls.jpg


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Many stamp carvers invent their own imaginary lands and create artistamps (fake postage), maps, and characters around these. My imaginary land is Malaprop where everyone always says the wrong thing. They have King Dom, as wise as he is pretentious; Queen Bea, as beautiful as she is wide; Sir Fallsalot, as brave as he is foolhardy; Bishop Too Too, as pious as he is wishy-washy; Dinglefuzzie the Page, as trustworthy as he is devious; the jester Punchinello, as humorous as he is tricky; and Gudgeon the smallest, as sweet as he is clueless. I found the land of Verduria online with ideas on developing a community.