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Anna Lena was born on a farm called Kallbacka which I believe means a hill with a well or spring. Here is a picture of her home that my great aunt Mabel took when she visited Finland in 1970.annahome She was the sixth child in a family of eight children, Three of her brothers Anders, Gustav and Johannes came to America but Anders returned home and has descendents in Finland. When Anna died it mentioned her brothers being in the east in her obituary from the Butte, Montana paper.annalenadeath Anna’s mother was Maria Mattsdotter Slip born in 1840.mariamatts

Since I’ve been slow to craft this summer I decided to add some of my genealogy information to my site, craft art genealogy! I will start with my great grandmother Anna Lena Mattsdotter Kallbacka. She was born in the town of Purmo, Vaasa, Finland, a Swedish speaking part of the country called Ostrobothnia. She immigrated sometime after her husband to be Matts Leander Anderson and they married in Anaconda, Montana in 1899. mattannawedMatts worked as a miner in Butte and he built a house for them himself. My grandmother Esther was their first child born in 1900 and her sister Mabel came along in 1903. buttehmA few years later Anna heard that her mother was ill and traveled back to Finland with the two girls, planning to stay about a year. Unfortunately she became ill on the journey and died in September 1907 in Finland. Her body was put into cold storage until Matts could be notified and he traveled to Finland where Anna was buried in the church graveyard in Purmo. purmokrykaHer grave has an iron cross and the reason listed for her death was childbirth fever so it seems she was expecting when she left home. Matts brought the girls back home to Butte in December of that year. They traveled on the Lusitania, a trip that took two weeks. My grandma never talked about that but you could never get her on another boat the rest of her life.